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Cherry Blossoms in Wellington

The sun is shinning bright and the flowers are blooming. It’s springtime in New Zealand! What better activity to celebrate the coming of warm weather than to see the cherry blossoms in Upper Hutt. Viewing cherry blossoms are celebrated around the world and one of the best places to do it in New Zealand is in the Wellington area at a place called Aston Norwood Nursery & Gardens

Aston Norwood Nursery & Gardens

Located in Upper Hutt, the Aston Norwood Nursery & Garden is less than a 40 minute drive from Wellington. It’s an easy day trip from around the Wellington area. We started our adventure with a coffee and scones from the gardens’ coffee shop located at the entrance.

What to do at the gardens

The gardens are spread across 14 acres of beautifully manicured gardens. There are a variety of flora to be seen around the gardens. The trail that winds through the streams and gardens is easy to navigate. There are some inclines and declines along the way but I would rank this as easy terrain for walking. The day I was there I saw several people using push strollers without problems.

Walking through the flowering cherry blossoms is an almost magical experience as the petals fall to the path below. The air is filled with the fragrant floral smell of the beautiful flowering cherry blossoms. In the background you can hear the babble of the stream that runs through the gardens.

There’s even an on demand waterfall! There is a button across from the waterfall that if pressed will turn the waterfall on for approximately 20 minutes. This man made waterfall is a stunning backdrop amidst the cherry blossoms and pond.

Best time to visit

While the gardens are open year round, the best time to view the cherry blossoms are mid September to early October. In addition to the cherry blossoms during this time, you will find lots of other flowering trees and shrubs.

We visited Aston Norwood Nursery & Gardens on a Sunday in October which turned out to be a popular day of the week to visit. However, as with many activities in New Zealand it was not over crowded. There were no queues in any of the viewing areas or at the coffee shop. We even heard they are open for night visits and understand they light up the path and trees. If you are looking for a more intimate experience I suggest going during the week or opting for there nighttime options.


Children 13 and younger are free and adult prices vary depending on the season, typically between $5-$10. You can book your trip with them on their website.

If you are making the trip with kids check out my blog on how to keep kids entertained when traveling here.

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